My name is Olayinka Falase. I am the man behind Empire Scheme Studios.

Growing up in London, the artistic and creative influence is what you see everywhere.  Art galleries, Graffiti, music and culture have been a major influence in what drives me to do what I do.

As with so much art in the world, my ability comes from being able to shape raw moments with my photography tools, thereby reflecting my artistic vision of the world.

Real life events can be translated into moments which should be made to look as beautiful as possible when it can be.

My passion for wedding photography runs deep into every moment that makes up your big day.

The aim is to produce colourful, vibrant and unforgettable memories from your day that you can smile about with your families and loved ones.

From a 24 hour non-stop engagement shoot in Paris, to a Greek themed hen do party of a beautiful bride to be in Corfu; I have documented and enjoyed it all.

Your day is all about you, whether your style is traditional or vintage please contact me so that we can discuss your ideas.